My Story

Image_1-2-7I’ll never forget the day I received the first copy of my book, “The Edge of Redemption,” in the mail. It was beautifully bound and 198 pages. I could barely contain my excitement. I was now a published author!

People frequently ask me, “How did you get published at 17? What’s your story?”

Well, my journey to becoming a published author started when I was 13.

In my seventh grade writing class, my teacher assigned a “short story” essay over spring break. We could write any story we wanted. My excitement grew immediately, as I loved writing stories. I began to play with different ideas, and soon imagined a princess, caught up in war, who had to flee her home when her country was attacked.

Thus, a story was born.

I wrote the essay on a plane ride to Florida for spring break, submitted it, and stuck the idea in a far corner of my mind. I didn’t think anything more of it.

A year later, I discovered a fiction novel writing contest for teenagers hosted by a  small publishing company. The prize would be publication of the winner’s novel. I immediately jumped at the idea, as I had always wanted to be a published author. This was my chance! I began searching my story ideas for the perfect novel plot, and stumbled upon my 7th grade writing class idea. There was my story!

I remember that summer vividly. I was constantly writing, pounding away on my computer. Some nights my family would all be in bed, and I would still be awake, writing away. I took my computer with me everywhere, taking any chance to continue writing. I had three months. By
the end of August, I was finished. I found and hired an editor, completed my final draft, and sent
it in.

549318354Weeks later, my heart skipped a beat when an email from the publishing company popped up in my inbox. I opened it, holding my breath, and met an awful disappointment: the contest was canceled due to a lack of entrants.

Yep, I was crushed. My dad, however, still wanted to see my novel published as much as I did. When I was 15, he began searching for publishers who could possibly publish me. Really, I owe a ton to my dad for being published. About a year later, after much researching and exploring
multiple options, we found it: Westbow Press, a publishing company that is a division of Thomas Nelson and Zondervan and that offered the perfect blend of services for me.

That’s when my whirlwind journey of publishing my novel began. I jumped into the world of proofs, editing, ISBN numbers, revisions, approval forms, designing, and much more. After many months, I made the final approval of my files for printing. My dream of becoming a published author had come true!

“The Edge of Redemption” was released in November of 2014. My little story idea, started all the way back in a writing class when I was 13 years old, had blossomed into a full-length novel and was now published. God’s faithfulness is certainly far-reaching.

So there you have it! That’s how my novel landed in published territory. I am currently developing some possible story ideas for my next novel, so stay tuned! I’m still learning, but if you have any questions about publishing or just writing in general, please don’t hesitate to let me know! I’d love to connect with you!